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The Lake County Bicycle Group (LCBG) was established to connect casual long distance cyclists in
the Lake County, IL area with other like-minded folks for camaraderie and fun! Spandex optional :-)

About Us

About Us We enjoy riding on both roads and trails at a moderate pace of 12-16 mph for round-trip distances of 20 miles plus in a non-competitive, friendly atmosphere. We look forward to hosting regularly scheduled rides in and around Lake County as well as participating in events open to the general public, such as Bike the Drive and the Four Star Bike Tour. Jaunts to local hangouts - ice cream, pizza, or brews, anyone? - in addition to destination day trips and overnight treks are also part of our itinerary. Please join us as we make new friends pedaling across the miles. Spandex optional :-)

You have to look good in order to ride good!

You have to look good in order to ride good! We know that we all love our pigs and cows and we thought we would just increase the visibility of LCBG with a new jersey

Below is the link to our store at Jakroo. Our jerseys come in short sleeves, no sleeves and razorback; plus we have shorts and bibs to complete the look!

Link to the LCBG store at Jakroo

As the weather gets colder...

As the weather gets colder... Visit us on MeetUp and join us for one last ride before you hang up your bike for the winter.

Link to LCBG MeetUp Site